Gigabyte GB-BKi5A-7200/240GB-M.2/16GB Image

Gigabyte GB-BKi5A-7200/240GB-M.2/16GB

Model: GB-BKI5A-7200/240GB-M.2/16GB




Quick Find Code K1262682

Manufacturer / Brand Gigabyte

Manufacturer's SKU GB-BKI5A-7200/240GB-M.2/16GB

What Customers Say About Us


5 Stars

Used these folks a few times for various technology items, recently some themal paste and a bluetooth headset
Always quietly efficient - dont know why I dont use them more actually, they arent the first place I look for stuff and dont always appear in the price comparison places. Have added them to my list of good guys


Had an older version which I’ve used for years but finally gave up when I needed to hammer it to make an impression. This new one is beautifully designed and has a light but firm response. Excellent. I’ve just ordered a spare.
Prompt service at a fair price.

Dave Kent

Arrived very quick. Works a treat . Best price around


A quality product, well priced and arrived quickly.

Big Dog

I ordered an ADATA SSD from Kikatek.
At the time, it was cheaper than the same product from Amazon.
I paid 23p extra to get quicker delivery (free delivery was available).
Kikatek accepted payment via Paypal.
The SSD arrived in a couple if days, well packed, and I didn't have to sign for it.
Simple, straightforward - just as it should be.

Paul Atkin
Gigabyte GB-BKi5A-7200/240GB-M.2/16GB Image

Gigabyte GB-BKi5A-7200/240GB-M.2/16GB