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Seasonic G12-GC-850

by Seasonic



Seasonic G12-GC-850

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Quick Find Code K1422199

Manufacturer / Brand Seasonic

SKU G12-GC-850

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4.8 / 5 Stars

I'm wary of websites I've not heard of, but it was a quick and easy transaction. Kept up to date with despatch, tracking and delivery, which again was quick and easy Ali G

Ordering was nice and simple, and delivery was beyond expectation. Shadowwolfie

Never ordered from them before, but they had an LED kit I was hoping someone within the UK had, and sure enough, they delivered it to me perfectly fine. Depending on their selection of Gunpla, I might consider browsing them more often when I'm on the hunt for model kits. Thank you very much! Arthur

Great experience! The parcel arrived two days after (ordered on a Saturday) and besides what we ordered there was even a wine voucher and some Haribo. Totally unexpected :D Valentina Graziuso

Amazing experience, I messed up my delivery postcode and they told me straight after placing the order, then amended it to the correct one. Afterwards it was dispatched within 2 hours and arrived early the next day. Amazing customer service and will order again soon. Aetolia

Seasonic G12-GC-850 Image

Seasonic G12-GC-850