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We carry a huge selection of Mr Hobby paint products, from their solvent-based Mr Color paints, water-based Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color paints, Mr Metal Color buffable paint, Gundam Markers, to primers, thinners and much more!

To experienced Gunpla and Japanese model kit builders, the brand Mr Hobby certainly needs no introduction.  But for those who haven't heard of them before, Mr Hobby is a brand of hobby products produced by GSI Creos of Japan (formerly Gunze Sangyo).  Their line of acrylic paint is amongst the highest quality in the world, and is well known and loved by hobbyists in Japan.

All paint items are securely packaged and shipped by FedEx so they can reach you safely and in the shortest time possible. If you have any question about what paint to use or how to use them, don't hesitate to give us a shout. Our team is ready to help!

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A Brief Overview of Mr Hobby Paint Products

Mr Color Paints (Solvent Based)  

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Mr Color paint from Mr Hobby is one of the highest quality solvent-based acrylic paint in the world, with amazing tone, balance, adhesion and colour richness. This fast-drying paint is great for both hand brushing and airbrushing.


Mr Color offers a wider range of colours and finishes than Mr Hobby's water-based alternative "Aqueous Hobby Color", and will dry to a smoother and harder finish.

Mr Color GX Paints (Solvent Based)  

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Based on Mr Color, the Mr Color GX range offers a brighter finish, quicker drying, better coverage plus a stronger finish than the standard Mr Color range of paints.


Mr Color Gundam Color (Solvent Based)  

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Another special line of Mr Color paints, the Gundam Color line helps bring your Gundam models to life with amazing colours based on official colour schemes from the Gundam Universe.


Aqueous Hobby Color (Water Based)  

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Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Colors are high-quality water-based, non-toxic acrylic paints that are available in a wide range of colours in flat, semi-gloss, gloss & metallic finishes. Being water-based means it is easy to work with. Once dried it does not dissolve, and its colour is excellent.


Mr Color Lascivus (Skin Tone Paints)  

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Mr Color Lascivus paint is specially developed for painting realistic skin tone on figures and plastic models.


Mr Color Super Metallic II (Solvent Based)  

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Mr Hobby's Super Metallic 2 series of paints is a brand new range of metallic paint. Utilising high quality fine metallic particles to obtain a superior, highly realistic metallic finish.


Mr Metal Color (Buffable Metallic Colour)  

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Mr Metal Color is a distinctive metallic paint composed of synthetic resin, pigment, organic solvent and metal powder. When polished, it produces a super realistic, beautiful metal finish.


Gundam Markers  

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Gundam Markers are specially designed, super easy to use markers created for Gunpla use. The selection of colours available is based on official Gundam colour schemes and they are perfect for panel lining and painting small areas/details on Gunpla kits.