Virtual Private Warehouse

Welcome to your Virtual Private Warehouse!

With our Virtual Private Warehouse service, you have the ability to ship your items together, even when they're ordered or released at different times!

Checking your warehouse items...

✱ If you recently placed an order using this service, please note that it can take upto 2 hours before the items are added to your Virtual Private Warehouse items list. If the order was placed outside of business hours, it will be processed the next working day. You can track the order from the My Orders page during this time.

Key Benefits

Convenient and Cost-Effective Shipping

Save significantly on shipping by grouping your orders into a single shipment.

Order Anytime

Place orders whenever you find items you love without having to worry about paying separate shipping fees each time!

Long Term Secure Storage

Your items are safely and securely stored in our warehouse until you are ready to ship.

Easy Management

You can easily manage and keep track of your Virtual Private Warehouse items directly from our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this service?

For in-stock items, you have the option to ship immediately or keep the items in your Virtual Private Warehouse during checkout. Pre-order items are always kept in your Private Warehouse on arrival.

What will happen to my pre-order placed before this service was launched?

Pre-orders placed before this service was launched will be dispatched immediately on arrival as shipping had already been paid at the time the order was placed. If you want to convert your previously placed pre-order to a Virtual Private Warehouse order, please get in touch with our team.

How do I manage items in my Virtual Private Warehouse?

You can request shipments and manage your Virtual Private Warehouse items by clicking the View My Items button at the top of this page.

How does return/cancellation work with Virtual Private Warehouse?

Our standard《Returns Policy for Collectible Toys》applies. However, for Virtual Private Warehouse orders, instead of the usual cancellation/returns period of 14 days from delivery, you have 21 days beginning the day stock is allocated to you. The number of days an item has been allocated to you can be found by clicking the View My Items button at the top of this page. If you would like to cancel an item, please kindly do so within this time frame.

The purpose of this is to limit situations where a customer holds an item for an extended period (for example 2 months) only to cancel at the end, preventing others interested in the item from purchasing it during that period.

How long can I store items using this service?

We do not currently restrict the storage time, but please keep in mind the Virtual Private Warehouse cancellation period mentioned above. This policy may change in the future, but we will notify you in advance of any changes.

Do I get a dedicated physical storage space?

This service does not provide you with a dedicated physical storage space. Any item assigned to your Virtual Private Warehouse is securely held in a suitable location in our warehouse and reserved for your account.

When do I pay for shipping and how much does it cost?

Shipping is paid when you request a shipment. The final shipping cost depends on the total weight of the items being shipped and the delivery address. However, you can find an indicative shipping price as a guide during checkout.

Free delivery is available when shipping over £120 of items (more info here).

Can I selectively ship some of the in-stock items in my Virtual Private Warehouse?

All available in-stock items at the time of your shipment request must be shipped together.

I have a question not answered here, can you help?

Absolutely! Just drop us a message here and our team will get back to you asap! 😊