Tamiya Masking Tape 18mm Width (18m Length) Refill Image

Tamiya Masking Tape 18mm Width (18m Length) Refill

by Tamiya



Tamiya Masking Tape is both thin and strong, perfect for modelling use. It adheres well to uneven surfaces. It's ideal when sharp and crisp lines are required. This tape will not damage fully dried painted surfaces, or leave unsightly marks, making it perfect for use with both painted and unpainted plastic model kits.

Basic Specifications


Quick Find Code K1421253

Manufacturer / Brand Tamiya

SKU TAMI870356


Item Size/Weight 8.5cm x 7.0cm x 2.0cm / 30g

Tape width 18mm

Tape Length 18m

Important Information

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4.8 / 5 Stars

I searched all over for the Lindy brand of USB to Lightning cable that I had previous got direct from the manufacturer. Unfortunately they are no longer in stock by them, but Kikatek were able to supply at a fair price with quick service. Stephen - Worcester UK

The Wi-Fi extender was very easy to set-up, as stated, the unit arrived a day early which was excellent. It has boosted my Wi-Fi in the home office tremendously, just the perfect piece of hardware. Kikatek have got it completely right, as usual. Mr P Hans

Honestly found you by chance while looking for a particular Gundam. The pricing was good. Your amazon pay functionality made it so simple to purchase and your turnaround time is excellent. I literally ordered. Got my email confirmation and delivery notice within a couple hours. And got the item in just over a day delivery period. Will be looking to get more from you if this is the constant service and quality. Thank you. Craig Van winsen

Never ordered from them before, but they had an LED kit I was hoping someone within the UK had, and sure enough, they delivered it to me perfectly fine. Depending on their selection of Gunpla, I might consider browsing them more often when I'm on the hunt for model kits. Thank you very much! Arthur

Good price and very quick service; under promised and over delivered - I like that. Peter McNab

Tamiya Masking Tape 18mm Width (18m Length) Refill Image

Tamiya Masking Tape 18mm Width (18m Length) Refill