Mr Retarder Mild (40ml) Image

Mr Retarder Mild (40ml)

by Mr. Hobby



Mr Retarder Mild from Mr Hobby is a retarding agent for Mr Color paints which increases drying time and helps obtain a smooth finish. Suitable for both airbrushing and hand brush painting.

Use with Mr Color solvent-based paints only.  Not compatible with water-based Aqueous Hobby Color paints.

Usage Instructions

Adding 10% or less Mr Retarder Mild reduces the drying speed of Mr Color paints and reduces the effect of uneven and unsmooth brushing.

Basic Specifications


Quick Find Code K1425507

Manufacturer / Brand Mr. Hobby

SKU T-105


Compatibility Mr Color (Solvent-Based) Paints


Volume 40ml

Important Information

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Mr Retarder Mild (40ml) Image

Mr Retarder Mild (40ml)