HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image

HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal

by Kotobukiya

Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Assembly Required

Skill Level 2: Easy to completeNo Painting RequiredNo Glue Required


Bulkarm λ (Lambda) is the generic name for the 2nd generation high performance production model Hexa Gear developed by MSG. These units were mostly deployed in the Valiant Force non-para-pawn squad, and they saw action as weapons provided to Heterodox in partnership with MSG. However, the Jackal in this article has been heavily specialized to better suit urban conflict, with the Heterodox that took provision of the unit using it as a show of force in internal struggles and as a peace keeper with residents and rebels in their areas of control. The reasons why this unit was developed on the base of the Bulkarms series, despite it showing its age compared to the 3rd generation Hexa Gears, includes its armored and sealed cockpit ideal for long watches, its marching speed, and its ease of maintenance making its introduction and operation easy for groups unaccustomed to working with newer 3rd generation Hexa Gears.

Equipped Weapons

■ Heavy Submachine Gun: Motor Dog

A short autocannon for Hexa Gear that, due to firing large caliber bullets focused on stopping power, has a bulky, sturdy frame together with the accompanying weight. While its short length gives it the advantage of maneuverability in urban conflicts where cover is abundant, it combines with the large caliber to create considerable recoil that is hard to control. For this reason it is typically only used for suppression at short ranges.

■ Shield: Barricade Shell

The standard shield of the Bulkarm λ series. Although relatively small and lightweight when compared with the size of the frame, it strongly exemplifies the series' overall concept. A composite armor of strengthened carbon fiber and highly elastic resin, it is not only effective against bullets but can also stand up to the powerful melee attacks of 3rd generation Hexa Gears. Additionally, the reverse can be used as a mount for a variety of armaments.

■ Plasma Rod: Hungry Bite

A close-combat rod stored inside the shield. The terminals arranged inside the shaft can form instantaneous plasma fields, dispersing heat and electromagnetic damage on par with a plasma cannon, making this less of a striking weapon and more of an ablating weapon.

■ Polygonal Blast (Air Maneuver Thrusters)

Jet thrusters equipped to the spine and base joints of the four limbs. Variants of the existing air maneuver thrusters, they instantly release energy built up in the internal condenser, creating explosive propulsive force. While they give the unit outstanding and instantaneous thrust, once used, Governors must wait a few seconds for the system to charge before they can be used again, making the decision to use them a constant dilemma. They can also be used for normal thrust, in which case they excel at continuous shooting.

Model Specifications

  • The shoulder armor features 3mm joints so it is compatible with expansion attachments.
  • Includes four new hand parts for both the left and right hands: Closed, open, gun-holding, and sword-holding.
  • The grip of the included heavy submachine gun can be adjusted to four positions. Use the special 3mm joint optional part to install on various locations on the unit's frame.
  • The shield equipped to the arm features a grip that can be held by hand parts or attached to a 3mm connection joint. Inside it can house the Plasma Rod. Additionally, the 3mm connection joint on the rear can be used to store spare magazines for the heavy submachine gun or a variety of other equipment.
  • This kit comes with a special antenna head part for commanders as a bonus part.
  • This kit includes joints for Flying Base Neo, sold separately.
  • Governors supported are: PAWN A1, PARA-PAWN SENTINEL, WARMAGE, and EARLY GOVERNOR Vol. 1. Note that not all governors are supported.
  • The color scheme for this kit is blue, light blue, gray, gunmetal, silver, and clear orange for a total of 6 colors.

Set Contents

  • Bulkarm λ x1 Set
  • 4 Types of Hand Parts x1 Set (Left and Right)
  • Heavy Submachine Gun x1
  • Spare Magazine x2
  • Shield x1
  • Plasma Rod x1
  • Shoulder Expansion Attachments x1 Set (Left and Right)
  • Commander Antenna Head Part x1
  • Connection Parts for Flying Base Neo
  • Archive Card

Product Type

This is a【Plastic Model Kit】that requires assembly.

Basic Specifications


Quick Find Code K1464275

Manufacturer / Brand Kotobukiya

SKU KOTO4045495




Product Line Kotobukiya

Release Date Mar 2024


Item Size/Weight About 180mm tall

Materials PS・PE・ABS

Scale 1/24

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HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal Image

HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Lambda Jackal